Keasite (beta) - Features

Keasite features ?

You can make dynamic and responsive websites without setting up servers and maintining anything. Just choose a template and style yout text and photos  



Nothing is better than simple sometimes. keasite is a website builder that doesn't allow you to do everything ... rather, it helps you make a website.


It will take you longer to read this page than to make your website. There are only 2 panels, one for the website setting and another for editing the pages. 


There’s nothing to install, no upgrades, no add-ons, no extras, no hosting, no server – you can just relax and focus… Point your domain to our IP address for free (all you have to do is pay a small fee for your domain).



Select one of our basic themes – we recommend something that matches the colours of your company or that’s clean and simple. Our themes, making your site fully functional on all devices, including smartphones.



Swiftly construct your own website and try out your ideas. The quicker it’s on the web, the faster you will get a piece of the market. Don't wait around for your new website – build it now!


It’s pointless and a waste of time and money paying for things that you can't use or don’t need. We offer a simple product at a simple price.



Page editor

  • Page editor
  • Add photos
  • Add/edit html or html snippets.
  • Logged-in users can edit pages directly from their website
  • Reorder pages
  • SEO metatags for title, keywords and description
  • Navigation menu
  • Customise your navigation menu with the categories you want
  • If you are using our Accommodation, Lessons or Rentals apps from Keasurf, the top menu is created automatically


  •  Add and remove photos
  • Reorder images
  • Multiple file uploads at once 
  • Responsive gallery display
  • Edit keywords (new)
  • Automatic Image Tagging (beta) - This feature looks at an image and tell us what it sees. Select the words and save them as keywords for your image. It boosts your SEO and saves you tons of time.



Contact form

  • Let your visitors contact you with ease
  • Receive contact enquiries via email
  • Update your email anytime
  • Show your phone number and address

Live chat

  •  Let your customers contact you directly from your website
  • Create your own virtual reception in minutes
  • Set up accounts for multiple operators
  • Log and analyse your chats
  • Work from anywhere

See the settigns panel - Start now

Tencical requirements

A PC/laptop, tablet or mobile phone with a browser such as Firefox, Safari, Chrome or Opera, along with an internet connection, are the only requirements to use Keasite.