Keacode - For Schools

School planning software

Manage your clients’ lessons and your instructors’ schedules with keasurf’s effective, all-in-one system.

Keasurf software is the best solution for managing your school schedule. Create different classes and assign students to them according to their level. Allocate instructors and print class lists for easy reference. Keep track of your clients' activities by putting them on additional schedules for  yoga, snorkeling, or social events like BBQs, local beach clean ups or movie nights.

 Kick back and relax, knowing that all your lessons and classes are organized.

Lessons schedule

This feature gives you a complete overview of your school. See at a glance which students are enrolled in which classes or activities along with the assigned instructor. Print the calendar for your reception area or email it to staff.

Lessons bookings

Sign your clients up for various classes and courses that you offer using the simple lesson interface. Move clients from one class to another, reassign instructors and organize groups for other activities like yoga, snorkeling or surf safaris.

Instructors management

Assign instructors to lessons. Print work schedules for each of your instructors and student lists to show who is attending the lesson. Keep track of your instructors' working hours and calculates their wages.



Lessons Manager


• Add/update lessons or activities.

• Add new photos to your website.

• Set or update prices.

• Add students to lessons or activities.


School Calendar


• Find the lesson schedule for any student on any day.

• Be notified of student arrival / late arrivals to lessons.

• Print or email the schedule to communicate to relevant students or staff.

• Assign instructors to lessons.



• Keep contact details for every instructor.

• Set instructor status to: working, holidays or not working.

• Assign instructors to lessons.

• Keep track of the hours worked and calculate wages.

• Print an up to date list of student names for any class.