Keacode - For Accommodation

Accommodation Managment Software.

Keep your inquiries, bookings, clients, transportations, invoices and much more in controll.

Find available beds/rooms for your guests instantly and deal with reservations effectively. Create customized emails to your clients using their booking details and speed up your correspondence.


Modern Bookings management.

Manage your accommodation bookings easy and efficient. Check available dates, find suitable rooms, and organize single or group reservations in a matter of seconds. keasurf Software is the best solution for managing your surf accommodation bookings. Check available dates, find suitable rooms, and organize single or group reservations easily. Manage your business with our software and eliminate time-consuming admin tasks. Find guest details, send customized emails automatically, and receive bookings and payments all in one place. Find more time to interact with your clients and move your business forward.




• Search by arrival and departure dates, number of people or nights.

• Find available rooms for a single person or a group.

• Reserve beds for guests within the rooms.

• Set room type to shared or private accommodation.

• Create bookings for new or existing clients.

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• Manage single or group bookings.

• Set the booking status to reservation, confirmed, paid or led.

• Add, remove, move or switch people between rooms.

• Change the booking dates of the whole group or individual people in the group.

• Print fully itemized invoices.

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Bookings Calendar


• Manage the check in/ check out process for each day.

• Be notified of late arrivals.

• Be notified of unconfirmed bookings.

• Access the time schedules for bookings with airport/train/port transfers.

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• Configure your properties, apartments and rooms.

• Add/update photos of your properties and facilities.

• Set rooms to be shared or private.

• Set the room price per day, week or month.

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• Create or edit vehicle transfers required for a booking.

• Register people in the transfer.

• Change the date/ time of transfer.

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 Example: Processing a booking with keasurf


In the following example a client places a booking, the reception checks for the required availability and send an answer for the booking to the client in less than 2 minuetes.

Timeline of a booking

00:00 - A clients places a booking on your website

00:02 - You receive an email to your mailbox. You click the link and you login to keasurf

00:10 - Keasurf will tell you your option so you can to allocate the people in their rooms.

00:25 - You add lessons to the client and you copy to the group

00:35 - Add equipment rentals to the client.

00:45 - Press the email button and write some personalized text.

01:00 - Press send

01:02 - The client is impressed by receiving an answer 1m after he placed his request.

Integrate keasurf software into your existing website. Receive bookings, update texts and photos to keep your website fresh, functional and exciting.