Keacode - Webdesign


We build and manage your site.

We have what you need: Designers, Copyrighters, Web designers, Server administrators, Marketing experts and most of all ... a friendly team that will always be there for you.

If are looking for a team to be part of your team, we are here and can't wait to hear from your buisness.


DIY websites

Are you looking for a quick, easy and relible solution ?


  • You don't want to setup or administrate no servers or systems.
  • You have your text, logos, and graphics
  • You have optimised your photos

THEN is the right website editor for you. Try it now for free !

What you pay ?

3.5 GBP per month

Custom web-design

Do you need a website that looks like your company ? Thats this is the right package for you.

  • We spend time to understand your buisness.
  • We make a design that looks like your company.
  • Copy your text photos etc and the pages nice.
  • You sit and tell us what you want us to do. 

How much ?

450 GBP for up to 10 pages, then 10 GBP extra for each page.


Are you looking for a website that sells to your clients and processes part of your buisness over the internet ? Are you looking for a booking system, an eshop ? We can build that solution for you.

  • We will analyse your buisness model
  • Create the appropriate software solution
  • Intergrate it to your website
  • Train your staff you use the software
  • Suport 

Please, lets talk about your solution.



We will create the right text for your company website. 

Graphic Design

Logo creation, images optimization, banners, marketing, design

SEO optimization

Content optimization based on a keyword list for boosting your SEO ranking