Keacode - SEO

Dominate the search engines rank

Search Engine Optimization

Daily there are many people who are looking for a company like yours on the net. We make sure that they can find you through the search engines and other sources of the net.

1) Get to know your market 

Keywords research and recomendations.

  • Market analysis
  • Discover 15 keywords relative to your company
  • Identify opportunities.
  • Analysis of the structure of your website

2) Find what your competitors do

Competitors blueprints.

  • Find why your competitors rank well.
  • Where do they get their links.
  • What keywords do they use.
  • Copy the best and improve. 

SEO Position monitoring and report

  • Graph of your current position over the time.
  • 20 keywords to monitor.
  • Report will be sent to your email.


SEO Publishing

  • Sitemap creation and submission to major search engines
  • 20 keywords to monitor.
  • Google Analytics intergration


Fix your content

Follow the rules

  • Make sure that your site is redable by the search engines
  • Check your code for errors
  • Optimise your pages

Keywords, descriptions and metatags

  • Change keywords
  • Add descriptions
  • Optimise your overal metatags to match your marketing strategy

Change your content

  • Rewrite your text
  • Content creation
  • Pages creation
  • Langing pages

How much does it cost ?

Please contact us for your personal quote.