Keacode - New website

Makeing a new website easy

Our team has specials in all areas and over the year we know how to work with html5,css3,jquery,javascript,php,mysql,ajax,bootstrap,angular,etc ... Since we have done it so many times we have a nice method to build your site within a week. You can select from our custom solutions or use our website builder to make your website by yourself.

3 ways to make your new website

1) DIY

Do you need a quick website to start but you don't want to spend too much ?

  • update your pages
  • upload you images
  • photo galleries
  • contact form

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2) Custom design

Create your own theme for your website

  • research


3) Custom solutions

If you require something very special let us know we can do

  • design
  • develop interfaces
  • user login system
  • cms
  • crs

or whatever comes to your imagination

This is how we work

  1. Research the market and have a look about what the competitors are doing.
  2. Make a hierarcy list of your pages
  3. Collect all photos and texts that you want
  4. Make a design
  5. Put all together
  6. Publish your site and start recieving clients.