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Are you the manager of a surf camp, surf school or surf shop ? Keasurf surf school software is specifically designed to improve management, organization and efficiency of your business so you can simplify administration task, reduce hustle and win hours of free time. 

This software serves as the central control panel for your business. Use it to manage bookings, accommodation, payments, classes, instructors and rentals; maintain your client database and calendar. Send customized emails and reply to reservations in record time. Link your corporate website with keasurf Software to receive booking requests and keep your websites content updated. 

Drive your business foreward. Effective. Simple. Efficient. Try it now, it's easy. 

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Manage your business with keasurf software and eliminate time-consuming admin tasks. Find guest details, send customized emails automatically, and receive bookings and payments all in one place. Find more time to interact with your clients, enjoy the surf and move your business forward.


keasurf Software is the best solution for managing your surf accommodation bookings. Check available dates, find suitable rooms, and organize single or group reservations easily.


Tired of searching through all the boards, wet-suits, kites, windsurf sails and skateboards in the shop every time? Keep a clear overview of the equipment available for rent and find out exactly what is available at any given time. Keasurf displays a detailed inventory including the type, size and brand of all your equipment.


Kick back and relax, knowing that all your lessons and classes are organized and ready to flow. You can also update your website with photos from your classes to increase online bookings.


Keep track of your clients bookings and comunicate efficient with them using your website and other marketing tools. 


Example: processing a booking




The following example is from our daily testing routine. We do it on average faster than 30 seconds.




00:00 - A clients places a booking on your website

00:02 - You receive an email to your mailbox. You click the link and you login to keasurf

00:10 - Keasurf will tell you your option so you can to allocate the people in their rooms.

00:25 - You add lessons to the client and you copy to the group

00:35 - Add equipment rentals to the client.

00:45 - Press the email button and write some personalized text.

01:00 - Press send

01:02 - The client is impressed by receiving an answer 1m after he placed his request.



All features



• Configure your properties, apartments and rooms.

• Add/update photos of your properties and facilities.

• Set rooms to be shared or private.

• Set the room price per day, week or month.



• Manage single or group bookings.

• Set the booking status to reservation, confirmed, paid or canceled.

• Add, remove, move or switch people between rooms.

• Change the booking dates of the whole group or individual people in the group.

• Print fully itemized invoices.



• Search by arrival and departure dates, number of people or nights.

• Find available rooms for a single person or a group.

• Reserve beds for guests within the rooms.

• Set room type to shared or private accommodation.

• Create bookings for new or existing clients.


Bookings Calendar

• Manage the check in/ check out process for each day.

• Be notified of late arrivals.

• Be notified of unconfirmed bookings.

• Access the time schedules for bookings with airport/train/port transfers.



• Create or edit vehicle transfers required for a booking.

• Register people in the transfer.

• Change the date/ time of transfer.


Lessons Manager

• Add/update lessons or activities.

• Add new photos to your website.

• Set or update prices.

• Add students to lessons or activities.


School Calendar

• Find the lesson schedule for any student on any individual day.

• Be notified of the student check in.

• Print or email the schedule to communicate with relevant students or instructors.

• Assign instructors to lessons.



• Keep contact details for every instructor.

• Set instructor status to: working /  holidays / not working.

• Assign instructors to lessons.

• Keep a record of the hours worked and calculate wages.

• Print an everyday list with the names participating in the class.


Sell School Photos

• Sell your surf school photos as digital downloads.




• Find available equipment.

• Manage rental reservations.

• Receive reservations via your integrated website.

• Keep track of rented equipment using the in / out register.

• Be notified of rentals which are due or late.



• Add items or update the equipment and products in your shop.

• Set product prices.

• Add or edit the photos of the equipment.

• Search for equipment by: type, brand, model, size.


Rentals Calendar

• View equipment reservations.

• View list of equipment due for return.

• Be notified of over-due equipment.

• Print the rental calendar for other staff members.



• Record if boards require repairs.

• Locate boards that need repairs easily.


Clients database

• Edit client details.

• Search for a particular client.

• Monitor and view client bookings, lessons and rentals.

• Maintain a mailing list for distribution of email newsletters and other promotional material.



• Create automatic email responses based on booking details.

• Send automatic confirmation emails.

• Answer an email request in record time.



• Register payments from a client for a booking.

• Receive credit card payments.



• Calculate the balance of bookings.

• Include extra charges as necessary.

• Calculate the outstanding balance for an entire group or provide a price per person.

• Print invoices.

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