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Email-finder (beta) - Targeted email lists generator


Create email lists for your marketing campaigns.Choose your interests, geography and download your email list.

GreenLeads generates email lists for your specific interests at your desired geography. By following our simple order process you will receive email lists for  specific target. Email marketing is one of the best marketing strategies available. Its tried and tested and it is one of the fastest ways to generate business. Make the most of your market and exploit new opportunities. LeadsMaker’s email lists will connect you with the right people and generate sales leads.

Experience the efficiency of digital marketing with the lowest advertising costs and a tiny carbon footprint.


Who needs it?

Producers and manufacturers

GreenLeads is designed to generate email lists that put you in touch with people who need your products and services.


Are you are a freelance service provider? Land more jobs by letting people know about the services you provide.


Find companies to order your supplies and those who can help you complete your projects. 

How does it work?


1) Choose your geographic location and set the interests. For example "all the hotels of ibiza".

2) Download your email lists

Our results are targeted to the Geographic area of your choice 

Target directly towards those who want, choose the kind of companies that you are looking for.

Your get email lists ready to be used for your marketing campaign. Choose to download your lists in CVS,XLS,or any other form that you wish.


By contacting the right people you will

generate more business and grow your profits

quickly and efficiently.